Women & Gaia 

Retreats for women, inspired by Mother Earth, infused with myth and full of magic

"I will ALWAYS carry with me the sense of tremendous support I felt from of all those women, and trusting them allowing me to go really deeply into myself in that ceremony. I felt like I would never have to go it alone again.

I ‘touched the Universal fabric’ from a place I didn’t know I could access and I really experienced first hand the immense healing and shifting power of a held ceremonial space, coupled with all the unique strengths of the other people sharing it.


It has really inspired and directed my work and I really can’t wait to join you both again for another coming together :) Thank you for such a heart felt and wonderful weekend and you make an awesome duo!"  Anne, Cheshire


A Yearly Spiral of Retreats for Women 

created with love and spirit by Suzy Saunders
& Jane Alexander held by Sunny Brow Farm


Our retreats harness the energy of the cycle of the year to create soul deep transformation and support awakening women. Each retreat is entirely unique and is called into being by the energy of the Earth, the mystery of the moment and the women who answer the pull to come. They are a beautiful mixture of nurture and challenge. Shaped space and free time. The wonderful accommodation, food and land at Sunny Brow is the container for the work, it holds and nourishes the body allowing for spiritual breakthrough and emotional release. Our retreats use yoga, meditation techniques, shamanic practices, ritual, ceremony, sound, drumming, holistic treatments and draw from Suzy and my wide ranging skill sets and spiritual experience.

The planning process begins a couple of months before the retreat as the bookings start to flow. We come together in guidance to find out what Gaia is cooking up this time. We then begin to gather the herbs, crystals, sacred objects, cloths and other random things we need and ideas for ceremonies and rituals begin to build. Our kids help us collect feathers and stones; we panic about the logics of water for rebirthing ceremonies in the Yurt; we worry about just how the women will feel about being barefoot or if they will have a sacred teapot they could bring; we laugh at ourselves and hold space for each other as the planning process brings up pains and memories for us to process; we witness our relationship deepening as we move through challenges together; and then we meet a few days before and the download for the retreat really starts to flow. A last minute booking can have us reworking a ritual or adding in something new as the soul energy of each woman who comes co-creates the retreats with us. Often we start the retreat without completely knowing what the final ceremony will be. We have objects and a rough idea but the actual meat and meaning of it comes through the process that leads up to it making sure it is 'right' for the specific women.

All this allows us to facilitate from the moment, in a responsive, immediate way from the place of knowing within us, which ensures that all the women who come get what they need. Often at the end, as we come together to share, and we look around the circle at our sisters who look as changed by the experience as we feel, the fullness of what has happened hits us. It is amazing, sacred work and we feel blessed to offer it. Women often say at this point that they don’t know how we did it. It works because we don’t force the space, we try not to control or shape what is trying to speak from that place of Divine Knowing that we all have. We trust that Divinity knows what we need so much better than we do and we seek to honour that in every thing we do.

Each space we create throughout each retreat is an invitation to the women who come. We don’t expect or need anything from you. We’re not forcing any type of experience nor are we asking you to explain what is happening for you. We are just inviting you to be you. Our retreats will let you come to your edge and show you the potential for transformation in the moment but the choice to change remains yours. In the 5 or 6 years we have been doing this work one thing has become very clear: women are incredibly brave. If you show any woman where her limitations lie, she will always, always move beyond them. If you bring women together in sacred space, they will always, always hold their sisters until they fly.

Sacred Yoga


Feel drawn to something a little different?

Sacred Yoga  Retreats 

Co-created by Suzy Saunders & Jane Alexander 
Held by Sunny Brow Farm Holistic Retreat Centre


In a world that is in need of compassion and embodied love, the ancient path of yoga offers us a way to sacred connectedness with life, each other and ourselves.  
It is from this place that Suzy and I offer our sacred yoga  retreats.

Here we combine Suzy’s unique, deeply healing yogic form and Jane's  spiritual practice, gentle ritual, simple ceremony and our deeply healing massage. Each retreat responds to the needs of the people who come, allowing you to strengthen   and stretch your body, release your mind and calm your heart. 
We draw on our extensive experience supporting people to reconnect with who they are meant to be. More than just another yoga retreat, Sacred yoga offers you the space to transform.


Retreats in Feb, May & October 2020

Spring Equinox

Gaia Yoga & the Sacred Feminine

Spring Equinox 

A sacred blend of nature, ritual and transformational yoga for women. 

4pm Friday March 20th to
10am Monday March 23rd 2020
at Sunny Brow Farm

Retreat Price £425
includes accommodation, meals and all sessions.

Join us for a long weekend retreat filled with yoga, massage and ceremonies to connect with Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine 


Open your body, heart and breath to the unique nourishment of the Spring.  Invite in a spirit of rebirth and new growth. Harness this wisdom at this powerful time of year where light and dark come into balance.


Honour the Equinox, find space for you, and step into your authentic feminine.

Summer Solstice

Awakening Women: Deepest Love

A Weekend retreat rising from the power of the Summer Solstice

2pm Friday 19th June to
10am Monday 22nd June 2020
at Sunny Brow Farm

Retreat Price £425
includes accommodation, meals and all sessions

Come & celebrate with us in the fullness of the year.

Allow the sacred heart of your womanhood
to flow into your body.
Call to the magic of the creativity within.
Fall into Divine love and let it carry you home.

Infused with the wisdom of the Divine Mother in all her forms, this is a deeply nourishing day that honours the body, holds the heart and ushers in spirit.

Expect sound baths, healing bodywork, ceremony, yoga and spaces to connect with Source.
Join us as we fall into deepest love.


Autumn Equinox

Gaia Yoga & the Sacred Feminine
Autumn Equinox Retreat
A sacred Blend of nature, ritual and transformational yoga for women. 


4pm Friday September 25th to
10am Monday September 28th 2020
 at Sunny Brow Farm

Retreat Price £425
includes accommodation, meals and all sessions.

Join us for a deep weekend retreat woven from the energies of the Autumn Equinox. Enjoy earthy yoga, massage to unwind and ceremonies to release and ground with Mother Earth.

Autumn is the beginning of our journey within where we seek strength and wisdoms to support us as we move through the darker months.

Find a space to connect with the light, honour your womanhood and celebrate your inner beauty. 


Deep Feminine: Lifting the Veil.

An intense weekend retreat full of dream, vision
and raw feminine energy

Friday November 8th to Sunday November 9th 2019
From 2pm Friday to  2pm Sunday at Sunny Brow

Retreat Price £375
includes accommodation, meals and all sessions.

Beyond the roles we play, beyond gender, identity and archetype, lies the pulsating, organic power of the feminine. The feminine – that which gives us life, The feminine - that which turns potential into what is actual – makes dreams real.

Join us for a powerful weekend retreat as we allow the feminine to claim us. Total transformation comes through surrendering to what is true. This weekend welcomes the dissolving strength of the energy of this time of year and is an invitation to allow your presence to expand and your consciousness to increase.


Expect a densely woven retreat that supports you to be with all that lies within you. Expect journeying, twilight magic, mystery, yoga, dance, ceremony, candlelight, and rituals for release and connection. Travel with us through spaces that offer you chances to let go and invite in true freedom.

Winter Solstice

A day retreat at the turn of the year

Sunday December 20th 2020
From 10am to 5pm at Sunny Brow

Retreat Price £85
includes lunch & snacks & tea! 

This retreat offers you a chance to explore with the feminine in all her mystery. A day of honouring the ancestors, reaching beyond your sense of reality, and journeying deep inside.


Come and explore the Divine potential of this powerful day. Rest in the creative magic of the light returning at the dark of the year. Allow grace to light what has lain in shadow. Allow truth to wash your darkness away and welcome the one true light in you. This is a day of ritual especially crafted to transport you beyond your sense of your own limitations.

Expect yoga, meditation, movement, sound and ceremony. Perfect if you feel ready to root deep into the feminine as she finds unique expression in you. Magic happens when women gather together. Let this circle of the feminine hold you as you see through the veil and accept your own divinity.