Sacred Yoga Retreats 

Offered with Suzy Saunders at Sunny Brow Farm

In a world that is in need of compassion and embodied love, the ancient path of yoga offers us a way to sacred connectedness with life, each other and ourselves. At this time of social and cultural change and transformation, we are all invited to release old ways of being and to come into right relationship with the Earth and those we love. True yoga transcends the body. It is a pathway that allows us all to come to rest in our complete selves so that we might know peace and understanding.
                                It is from this certainty that Suzy and I offer our sacred yoga                                     retreats. Here we combine Suzy’s unique, deeply healing yogic                                 form and my spiritual practice, gentle ritual, simple ceremony                                   and our deeply healing massage. Each retreat responds to the                                 needs of the people who come, allowing you to strengthen                                      and stretch your body, release your mind and calm your heart.
We draw on our extensive experience supporting people to reconnect with who they are meant to be. More than just another yoga retreat, Sacred yoga offers you the space to transform.


Stretch & Strengthen

Ritual Massage

Relax & Unwind

Yin Yoga

Surrender & Release


Classes that Inspire


Gentle Ritual


Meditate & Grow

Singing Bowl

Healing through Sound


Tender Loving Care


WkEnd: February 28th to March 2nd 2020
 MidWk: March 2nd to March 6th 2020

Join Sunny Brow as she prepares for Spring


WkEnd: May 15th to May 18th 2020
MidWk: May 18th to May 22nd 2020

Energise and Empower ready for Summer.


Wkend: October 9th to October 12th 2020
MidWK: October 12th to October 16th 2020

A chance for candle lit yoga and deep relaxation

Awaken to the power of your loving heart

This retreat is for you if you are looking for a space to realign with your own sacredness. A weekend break that has been lovingly created to foster heart centred restorative spiritual practice. Perfect if you feel the need to connect more deeply with your yoga or inner life. Our experienced team offer transformative yoga, ritual massage, a sound bath and soulful meditation all held by the beautiful land at Sunny Brow Farm. You will leave revitalised and refreshed, with a new sense of connectedness to what matters most to you.

Retreat Content

Join us for a 3 night stay in one of  Sunny Brow's stunning barn accommodations, enjoy  delicious, imaginative wholefoods breakfasts, brunch/lunch and dinner; take part in yoga and meditation sessions, let go into an hour and a half ritual massage and experience the healing power of sound.

Prices start at £350 for twin share ensuite room

A Beautiful Retreat at Sunny Brow Farm in the heart of the Lakes