Meldings: Transform with Unique Blends of Plants & Sacred Awareness

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7 Families  - 49 plants (with a few more on the way!) Meldings are partly a tool for emotional and spiritual wellbeing and partly a pathway to Spirit. They stand in the space between. Part physical plant, tree or herb and part spirit; I tend to think of them as concentrated plant wisdom. When we interact with a plant in this heightened way, we experience changes in our state of consciousness which can help us to see through our current situation empowering us to make different choices and invite in change.

I created the Meldings alongside Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist. We use the plants that grow in her organic garden in the Duddon Valley, on the edge of the Lake District as well as a few that we wild craft from the local area. We use Cumbrian spring water from the original Willow Water well.


Meldings are best taken in a little water. One or two drops is best and we suggest you sip mindfully so that you bring your awareness into the moment. 

Rather like a vibrational essence, we work with heightened awareness of the presence of the plant which transforms Meldings into more than a herbal tincture and more than just an essence. If you have experience of flower or crystal essences or other vibrational products, you may be surprised by the more obvious impact of Meldings. We recommend meditating following taking each melding for the first time, as this allows you to experience the movement of the Melding through your body, heart and mind.  










Each Melding has a different impact making them invaluable tools for managing emotional experience, supporting your awakening process or as an aid for spiritual practices. Try Mullien for deeper breath in Yoga, Watermint to let go of anger in the moment or Blackcurrant to take your journeying deeper.


Of course they are not intended for medicinal use. See a Doctor when you are sick, a Psychiatrist when your mind is struggling and make an appointment with a Medical Herbalist if you are wanting to work with herbs for their health benefits. Meldings are intended as an aid for working with your inner world. 

Sacred Meldings Initial Training Day

Part initiation into deeper relationship with plants and their mystery, part introduction to the plants that gave us the Meldings; this day is for you if you are intrigued about plants and healing and would like to learn more.

Expect meditation, shamanic-style connection with plants, herbal knowledge and plant history. There will be opportunities to try Meldings, practice selecting them for self-care and for spiritual practices as well as lots of opportunity to discuss your experiences and to share with others. Sarah and I teach from a place of deep respect for the Earth, a love of stories and all things mystical with a healthy irreverence for anything too serious!

Find out which Melding plant is most like you and take a little time to focus on what you want for yourself.  You will  select three Meldings to take away with you as part of the course price. 


A perfect blend of plant lore, herbal wisdom and shamanic practices. 

With Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist 
Held at the Medicine Garden in Ulverston
Next Dates:
Sun May 8th 2022

10am to 4.30pm 
Course Price: £70
Includes three Meldings for you to take away.


Meldings Online

If you would like to learn more about all things Meldings then we would love it if you dropped into the Medicine Garden in Ulverston where you can try them for free. Or you can buy them online through our website:

Both Sarah and I can make suggestions about Meldings that might be supportive for you and are happy to do this as part of our sessions. We can also make suggestions less formally so do get in touch if you would like some advice. 

Ultimately though, its best to let your own intuition guide you. Working in this way, you will unlock more than just something to support you when you are in need. In inviting the power of plants into your life, you will find a path opening which will defy your expectations!

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Sacred Meldings Practitioner Training

A Weekend Course for Existing Therapists who would like to add the 'prescription' of Meldings to their existing practice.

Ideal if you are fascinated by our relationship with the natural world and how plant energy can be used to facilitate spiritual development and emotional healing or if you are looking to stand out from other therapists practicing your discipline in your area.

Meldings can be easily offered to clients within a session in order to maximise the impact of your massage or energy work and/or offered to clients to take away with them. Once qualified, you will to eligible to purchase Meldings at a discounted rate so that you can easily make up blends or provide 10ml singles to those you work with.

If you are not a professional therapist but would like to attend the course for personal development then do get in touch with us to discuss the course's suitability for you.


With Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist

Next Dates:  
September  3rd & 4th 2022
10am to 4.30pm both days
Course Price £350
This includes a full set of 50 Meldings worth £270

The course is held at The Medicine Garden, Ulverston and at various outdoor locations - depending on the weather, the herbs and the season

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Exploring Blends

This is a day especially created for people who have already attended the weekend Practitioners' Training course. Whether or not you have completed your case studies and have qualified, this day will offer you opportunities for ongoing development. 

We will be exploring blends in greater detail, looking at how we might put together blends that empower and transform. The course will include a ritual element as well as the usual meditative spaces designed to deepen your connection with plants and the Earth herself.


The Meldings arose from a place of remembering. The wisdom of our ancestors' relationship to Gaia and to plants for healing and self-awareness is reawakening within so many of us at this time. This day is a space for you to enhance your journey of remembering. 

With Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist 
Held at the Medicine Garden in Ulverston
Next Date: To Be Decided   

10am to 4.30pm 
Course Price: £85
Includes five Meldings of your choice