Practicalities & Prices

Hour and a half massage with Essential Oils        £65


Please allow a couple of hours if you have booked an hour and a half massage as the appointment includes consultation, dressing time and rest time after the massage in addition to the massage.

You can add hotstones to an hour and a half massage at no extra charge. Please let me know when you book.

Please wear comfortable clothes and be mindful of oil residue after the massage. Many people find that a process of change begins with each massage and I recommend you are gentle with yourself in the days that follow to allow this process to complete.

I offer massage from The Medicine Garden, Ulverston and from Sunny Brow Farm near Ambleside.

Book online or contact me directly - text can be quickest

If you would like a shorter treatment do get in touch to discuss your requirements. 



Ritual Massage

As the body opens, the heart heals and the spirit soars



You may find yourself drawn to massage with me if you are looking for a space to connect with your still, quiet core. You will find that I respond to your body’s needs in the moment using touch, pressure, sound and words.
No two massages are alike just as no two bodies or moments are.


My Ritual Massage is a unique, soulful experience created to meet your deepest needs. I am a qualified clinical aromatherapist and have completed post graduate qualifications in hotstone massage and Ayurvedic massage techniques.


I offer massage as part of a pathway of self-discovery from a place of love and awareness. It's a wonderful one-off treat or a great complement to spiritual practice or your self-care routine.