Transform your world with Reiki


I offer Reiki healing from a certain knowing that what transforms us is love. Through love, we open to Grace and it is through Grace that we are freed from struggle and suffering. Reiki taught me how to remain present with what is arising within me, supported me to find the truth that I am and showed me the path of soul-deep change. I hope to support you as you open to your own pathway from where you are to where you want to be.

Reiki Sessions         £45 

My sessions can take a traditional treatment form or use guided meditation or journey. Exactly what form the session takes, we decide together based on your needs that day. Sessions last an hour and cost £45
Please remember that Reiki is not a substitution for medical or psychological care, treatment, or advice. Reiki can raise deep questions and have you rethinking your beliefs and attitudes, facing old emotion and experiencing shifts in consciousness. Sessions tend to take three days to a week to integrate so it's good to take care of yourself and your heart afterwards. 

Daisy Buds