Reiki Weekends

Jan 25th & 26th 2020
April 25th & 26th 2020
July 25th & 26th 2020
Oct 24th & 25th 2020


Reiki 1 £165

Orange Blossom
Reiki Mastery 

A  personalised pathway taught through a mixture of Reiki Weekends and private mentoring

Practitioner Training

Supplementary workshops focused on all aspects of client care.

Autumn Leaves

A challenging monthly meditation group exploring  awakening. Held at the Medicine Garden
First Tuesday 7.30pm

Reiki Pathways

Invite Freedom into your heart

In moments of awakening, we stop experiencing ourselves as separate from the whole; our concerns align with the greater good, and our personal needs (or ego) dissolve. In this space we just are. We Be. The heart eases. Action then arises from presence rather than mental pressure, fear or pain, so we serve life through being alive

Reiki Practice is simply the manifestation of your yearning to be as life intended you to be.

Reiki that honours the sacred rhythm of your journey

Following a Reiki pathway is just one way we can open into a conscious relationship with the mystery of life. The Reiki initiate, makes a commitment to a journey of increasing awareness of the experience of being alive. If you choose to begin or deepen your Reiki self-work with me, then you will find an immediate, responsive way of working that places the magic and mystery of existing at its heart. Reiki is much more than a tradition or a therapy we can enjoy and offer to others. It is a way of discovering and relating to what we are. 

Your pathway through the Reiki degrees will be as unique as you are. It will be shaped by your life experience, your sense of who you are and your heartfelt intentions. There will be times when you need extra support, more teaching or space to grow or to integrate so I have developed a way of working which honours your natural unfolding. 

My courses offer a mixture of taught weekends,  personal mentoring as well as opportunities for focused workshops on aspects the process of facilitating the journeys of others. You choose what you need and when, paying for it as you go along. My Reiki weekends are dynamic, ceremonial, challenging, soulful and full opportunities to deepen your practice. We meditate, journey, use sound and silence, discuss the big ideas and explore the mystery of the treatment space. I work from guidance, and deep intuition birthing each weekend to meet the needs of whoever attends. Attunement is to the degree you are working with - you tell me when you feel ready to go deeper. 

Reiki 1 is awarded after attending your first Reiki weekend. 
Reiki 2  is awarded upon the completion of case studies, some mentoring and as many weekends as feel right to you. You may choose to attend workshops focused on client care if you are a new therapist. 
Reiki Masters lasts at least  year and includes a commitment to regular mentoring along with as many Reiki weekends as you wish. 
Master teachers lasts more than a year and includes some shared teaching with me, a commitment to mentoring, four Reiki weekends and day workshops exploring teaching skills and approaches. 


Reiki 1 £165 : Reiki Weekends £85 (once you are Reiki 1) : Day Courses £65  :  Mentoring is £35-45 depending on your situation