Personal Growth
with spiritual perspective

Heart centred support for your evolution

Helping you to break through your limitations, find 
soul & connect with you as you were born to be.

These sessions could be for you if you are looking for 
guidance and support for your emotional challenges, 
awakening journey or because you feel something is 
missing and you don't know what. This is a place 
where you can explore and invite in mystical experience, deep self awareness, explore your past or shape your
future. Perfect for students of Reiki and people who 
can't find the answers they need to bring in the change
they know they need. 

Sessions last an hour and cost £45.

Can't get to Cumbria?
They can be done over computer or phone

Or if you are looking for something even deeper...
They can be combined with an hour long massage
in a two hour session £70

A deep, transforming mentoring process

Most of the time we are great mysteries to ourselves, We are a complex web of often competing aspects of self that can crowd out our minds, making us feel lost, uncertain and unable to hear the still quiet voice within. In these sessions, I support you to reconnect with that voice - the part of you that you might call soul, higher self, spirit or simply the Divine presence within you (what we call it doesn't really matter) - and then act as a guide as you walk the path of embodying that voice. To embody soul is to allow the voice within to create the life that is the completest expression of what you are.

Once you can hear the voice clearly, you have a way of navigating your life that comes from the place in you that is entirely truthful. A place which isn't affected by your conditioning or what life throws at you. Its more than that though - you can start to see how simply by being you, you serve all beings - to live from here is to be free.


I have about 20 years experience teaching and mentoring. I am qualified in transformational healing and draw from guidance as well as my Reiki and natural shamanic and mystical skill set to respond to your needs and to help you breakdown whatever is keeping you as you are and preventing your natural awakening process from flowering. 

I am often asked 'how' I do what I do. I get asked 'how do you know?' loads. The answer is a very simple one ( I now realise... ...its taken me a while to get it!!) I listen very deeply. I'm listening with my body and heart as well as my mind. I am listening for the places in your body, heart and mind - your complete consciousness - that are like openings. These places are where inner wisdom is knocking on the door asking to be let in. In those moments, where I can hear the knocking, I use various tools to support you to open the door. I might take a discussion in a particular direction, tell a story, directly challenge a belief, ask a question, offer a meditation, suggest a ritual or Reiki treatment, use sound or drum or bring in crystals or plant medicines. Whatever works best for you which means that each person's sessions are different - tailored for them by the truth in the moment.