Personalised Guidance as you awaken

At the heart of all I do, is the path that takes us beyond self, breaksdown the ego and honours the Divine that we are: Oneness

In my experience there are as many pathways to being true as there are embodied souls to walk them. In all my development work, I seek to create spaces where you can find your own sacred presence on your own terms.  In my teaching work, and in my retreats too, my aim is to offer pathways that empower you to embrace freedom.  I don't prescribe experience - I prefer to offer you opportunities to experience yourself and to draw your own conclusions based on what you feel and discover.  

You won't find any fixed ideas about any particular practice or tradition or belief system. Instead I share from my experience, personal and the experience I have gained through witnessing many people's inner transformations. I share what I know of the journey - its nature and the types of experience which are part of the unfolding of truth within - rather than its content. In the teaching role, I try to be as in the moment as I can be so that I can respond to the flow of life and give voice to the wisdom of the whole group.  I try to speak, share and create from there in a way that can aid you to open to the truth that you already know.  I teach in Ulverston & at Sunny Brow Farm in the Lake District.

Reiki Pathways

A unique journey through the Reiki Degrees with spiritual realisation at  its centre

Reiki was the beginning of my conscious life. It opened up worlds of potential for me. Reiki began a journey of awakening and it's this conception of Reiki that informs my Reiki Pathway.  It is the spirit in Reiki that governs my teaching practice. That which we might call life or the Tao or love or divinity or breath or whatever feels right to us is what interests me. Reiki is more than a healing modality for me, it's a methodology for inviting awakening. 

I am passionate about offering development spaces that are responsive to the individual and that allow the unfolding of spirit in its own time and way. This is why I structure my Reiki Courses to include a mixture of taught spaces and private mentoring. This allows you to access the level and type of support that you need, as you need it. I aim to allow a learning experience that mirrors your own internal process, one that provides the right amount  of challenge to facilitate your heart opening. 

Earth Based Spirituality

Sacred wisdom rooted in our relationship with the Earth, focused on spiritual growth

This strand of my work arose from my relationship with crystals and is an Earth-based spiritual pathway full of practices that use crystals as a gateway for personal awakening and transformation.  At its centre lies the spiraling journey of self -exploration held by our relationship with the Earth, the elements and the seasons. My plant work, harnessed through the Sacred Meldings, arose from this pathway.  


This aspect of what I offer could be for you, if you are looking for a pathway that grounds your mystical experience through the lived experience of being part of the One Earth - the One universe.  As a core aspect of this pathway awareness is brought to ancestral legacies, old spiritual ways remembered, visioning, dreaming and ritual and ceremony. It is a pathway that uses soul and ancestral memories of right relationship with the Earth to empower the awakening process.