Crystal Shamanism

Take your natural affinity with stone & crystal deeper

Crystal Shamanism is an organic, responsive and creative way of harnessing your natural connection with crystals for self empowerment and spiritual realisation. Perfect for crystal healers, for those of us who just love crystals and stones; or for those who are interested in opening to a Earth-focused spirituality. 

Let crystals lead you beyond dualities into the truth of your being. Let the stones teach you how to hear the whispers of your Divinity.


Crystal Shamanism rose up out of my natural, instinctive relationship with rock and crystal. These days are retreat style - a sacred space for you to rest in your own experiences. You can drop in for a day or book all three - allowing you to create an awakening journey through the Spring and Summer. We work with interesting and unusual crystals as well as rocks and pebbles from the local landscape. The days are intuitively created following my guidance from the stone herself and use healing techniques, shamanic-style journeying, sound, rhythm, the elements and the deep pull of the truth within us all.

March 9th -The Spirit of Stone £80 - book all three days for £200
Activating your crystal connection, honouring the mystery at the heart of stone, crystals for spiritual transformation, sacred crystal practices and more

May 19th - Becoming Crystaline £80 - Book all three days for £200
Lemurian crystals, opening to soul stories, exploring resonance and creating healing pathways with stone, manifestation and deep relaxation. Ways of allowing the mind to let go.

July 27th - Crystal Gateways £80 - book all three days for £200
Stone circles, medicine wheels, crystals for crossing thresholds and breaking down inner limitations. A chance to 'step up' into the next phase of your life.

September 21st & 22nd - Soul Stone  £145 - Book with Crystal Shamanism £125
As a retreat with crystals that can be used as the final part of your crystal shamanism experience or booked alone. This weekend offers ceremony and ritual along side new crystal friends and shamanic style practices allowing you to see where the instinctive shaman in you wants to take you next.


crystal medicine wheel

Crystal Shamanism 

March 9th, May 19th & July 27th

Magical days for you to connect with crystals, the Earth and the Divine within. Expect space to journey deep within, beautiful stones and personal transformation

At Sunny Brow Farm Holistic Retreat 
10.30am to 4.30pm each day

Each day £80 - Book all three £200

Zen Stones

Soul Stones

September 21st & 22nd

A Weekend Retreat Style Workshop to support you to harness the magical power of stone for soul deep transformation

At Sunny Brow Farm Holistic Retreat
10.30am to 4.30pm each day 
£145 (£125 with crystal shamanism days)