A little about me

My awakening process began before I knew what awakening was. If I look back, I can see the desire to understand, to 'know' the truth about what it means to be alive was always there but it was not until my early twenties that this started to formalize into a desire to know myself which then dissolved into an all encompassing process of spiritual awakening.  

I've spent the last 10 years learning, exploring and witnessing the shapes consciousness takes in myself and others and it is this background that informs the spaces I create where people can open to more of what they are. 


Whether you join me for a retreat, a Reiki weekend or come for a one-to-one session, you will find a space of acceptance where you are supported and challenged to unfold into the truth of you. 

To be me feels like standing a little apart from the world and yet completely of it. I often embody the mystic - I see the past in images and hear the Earth speaking. I'm drawn to crystals, healing plants, trees and sacred places. Their wisdom really speaks to me, and through me.  Maybe it is because of this, that  much of what I do seems shamanic. In ceremony, it feels like remembering ancient ways. Despite all this, I am a very ordinary woman who lives a life juggling the pressures and joys of family and work and this shapes my work too. Roots it in the everyday. 

Beyond the form my work can take, I don't see the value in a spiritual life or healing process that doesn't enable us to engage fully and be present with the challenges of living as they arrive. I want to be there for those I love when it's difficult. I want to be available emotionally; to be 'in the moment' is a practical ideology for me, not a transcendent one. 

Spirit flows through me in this twin form which is perhaps why my practice is rooted in a non-dual perspective. The two parts of me making it impossible for me to attach to an particular identity (not for long anyway!). This awareness has arisen through my inner drive to rest in the experience truth moment to moment and it's this that calls me forwards, keeps me growing, keeps me awakening and keeps me grounded. 

I would love to walk in step with you for the next phase of your journey - do get in touch.  

Much love 
Jane xx


Can I help you grow?

People are often drawn to my practice when they are at an impasse in their lives or are struggling with the past or a current situation. If this is you, then the focus would be on supporting you to move beyond your struggle, creating opportunities to move beyond challenging emotions and beliefs so that you can create a life which is more fulfilling and more your own. 

Other people are drawn to work with me as part of their spiritual or healing journey perhaps coming for training or mentoring or a for a space for the facilitation of their awakening.  If this is you, then we would focus on the enlightenment process as a lived experience, equipping you with practices to aid you as well as exploring the nature of the journey and holding space for your unfolding.